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About Us

“TallyAccounting is the vertical Division of Mieux Technologies and is one of the leading providers of Tally on Cloud Services, Tally Customization Solutions in India to more than 1000 satisfied Users.

Our mission is to bring the best experience of using Tally Software on Cloud platform, creating simple and convenient solutions for CAs, Accounting Firms, SMEs and for people whose job is to maintain the bookkeeping. The main activity of the company is the provision of cloud infrastructure for hosting corporate and highly secured data systems, applications and websites; rendering services in audit and migration to the cloud, information security, design, and technical support of cloud solutions.

Tally Accounting is a 3 Start Sales and Implementation member of Tally, a leading provider of Accounting Software across India. The company’s marketing policy is focused on comprehensive service and ongoing customer support, which helped the company win the confidence of business leaders. We have already been chosen by thousands of customers from various industries – from CA firms to manufacturing companies and Accounting firms and local accountants. There are small and medium businesses among our clients, as well as large associations and small business owners associations.

Tally Accounting has a unique platform for the delivery and management of Tally on cloud services of its own design, allowing to provide automatic access to services in the “24×7” mode. The company has more than 20 employees, most of whom are highly qualified engineers, Tally Developers, Level 1 to 5 administrators in the field of SAAS and maintaining IT infrastructure, networks, virtualisation and security.


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