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About Us

Rolex Chemicals (now Rolex Lanolin Products Limited) was formed in 1967 under the aegis of Mr. Hasmukh N. Zaveri, having it''s small Plant in the Tardeo area of Mumbai
and its first office in Princess Street, the Heart of Mumbai''s Chemical Market. In 1971 Rolex set up a Larger Plant as a Registered Small Scale Industry Unit at Andheri,
only 4 kms away from the Sahar International Mumbai Airport. It was here that the commercial production of Lanolin commenced successfully.

Our success in developing Lanolin indigenously and commercially manufacturing the same strictly to the Indian Pharmacopoeia standards for the first time in India,
won us the appreciation from the "The Invention Promotion Board" of The Central Govt. Sponsored NATIONAL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION.
We were thus presented in 1974 with a Coveted Bronze IMPORT SUBSTITUTION Award and Certificate of Merit by the then Honourable Union Minister for Commerce and Industry of India.
Our further success in developing Lanolin as a Cosmetic Intermediate, won us the appreciation from "FEDERATION OF ASSOCIATIONS OF SMALL SCALE INDUSTRIES OF INDIA" (F.A.S.I.I.),
and we were presented in 1984 with the A. R. Bhatt Entrepreneurship Award by the then Honourable Vice President of India.

Rolex continues to Focus on manufacturing excellent unmatched quality Lanolins and allied products (of various types, grades & specifications)
the same which find approvals with over 600 valued customers globally.

Rolex Lanolin Products Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization (certified by TUV-NORD GmbH, Germany).

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