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About Us

Ethan’s Tech as a training institute where the primary aim is improving and niche technical skills to professionals and students. Our focus is to ensure that the student develops a thorough understanding of the technology, so that one enjoys her job. If you find a job you love, you will never work again. This led us to develop our technical courses from scratch, wherein the student was made the center of our project. The idea was to breakdown the concepts in such a manner that everyone is able to understand them, and a live practice of these concepts so as to enforce understanding of these concepts. This was not an easy task. We had to take feedback from our students after every class, and redesign our teaching methodology so that everyone is able to understand the projects. The selection of practical examples was a challenging task because they have to clear the concept and develop an understanding of real-life industry use cases. The major and minor projects are carefully selected to ensure that our students have some basic understanding when they start their career.

Our focus is to spark the student’s interest in technology so that learning becomes a fun activity. The students should enjoy the coding process, should be always willing to upgrade their knowledge, should actively participate in hackathons and coding conferences, and should be an active seeker and contributor of knowledge in the open source domain. This is only possible if one has developed a clear understanding of concepts, and has the ability to utilize this knowledge in the practical domain. I promise you that when you complete a course from Ethan’s Tech, you will have developed a passion for coding because you will learn to enjoy it.


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